Call for Speakers 2021

Calling all thought leaders, innovators, and architects — Speaking opportunity

MACC 2021 – the Eighth Annual Midwest Architecture Community Collaboration Conference’s theme is: Surviving the Crisis: What Changed and What Didn’t?

Just released: The Midwest Architecture Community (MACC) Board has extended the speaker application deadline to August 15.

The virtual conference will be held on November 4, 2021.

Did the crisis change your role, or did it stay the same? 
Did it change your architecture processes and the perceived value that architecture brings to the organization? 
Did it highlight the need to be agile, rapidly adapting to changes, focusing on digital transformation, leveraging data and analytics, and adopting new technologies?

As a MACC past attendee and /or presenter we invite you to apply to present at this year’s conference. 

Now is your chance to help shape the future of business. Participate in exploring the new normal. Meet and network with hundreds of business innovators, senior IT executives from Fortune 1000 companies.

You are invited to present a talk on meeting the challenges of the new normal.

The conference has four tracks:

  • Architecture Leadership
  • Data and Analytics
  • Technology
  • Architecture Process/Practice/Engagement

The track descriptions are below.

Architecture Leadership 

Your enterprise cannot survive without architecture but does your management know that? What is the value of architecture? Do you market architecture to the enterprise? Have you adopted a Continuous Architecture approach in your enterprise? What about agile and other architect roles? Agile has been around for years but has your organization adopted agile architecture as a separate and distinct capability from project architecture?  

This track will address the value of architecture and how it can be framed in terms of business performance measures. Current trends show that collaboration is key as the enterprise adopts a product-centric view of supporting business strategies and goals. Do we need more governance or more collaboration? This track will answer these questions and others as architects rethink their internal strategies to communicate how they are key players in business success.

Data and Analytics

As organizations across all industries strive to become data-and-analytics-centric to maximize the business value of their data, architects need to follow the latest trends and promote adoption of best practices and technologies such as:

  • Scalable and democratized artificial intelligence (AI)
  • Enterprise analytics in the Cloud
  • Data fabric
  • Graph analytics, and many others

This track will help architects understand the challenges and opportunities of the evolving data and analytics landscape and help their organizations not just return to a pre-pandemic state but build the path to thriving future.


Organizations across all industries were forced to adapt to digital disruption and move beyond technical debt and legacy applications. Architects will learn about innovation through technical agility with autonomics, instrumentation, cloud and security architectures to transform the technical stack. This track will help architects unlock the potential in technology shifts that enable the digital transformation required in the new normal.   

Architecture Process/Practice/Engagement

Are your architecture processes appropriate for your company? Do you practice Continuous Architecture? Does your organization have the necessary skills in-house and are you training your staff to handle the quickly changing technology landscape? How do you govern agile architecture? Are you engaging with your product teams at the right time and with the right information?

Architects are becoming more collaborative as agile methodologies are more widely adopted across the industry. Architecture needs to be agile in order to deliver appropriate architecture artifacts to product teams as their products are being built. The runway for delivering significant architecture requirements needs to be laid out and created in order to allow continuous business value delivery by your product teams. This session will explore processes, practices and engagement methods to support agile methodologies.

So if you are a thought leader of an architect domain, we invite you to share your experience and skills with your colleagues on November 4th for a full day of learning and networking. If you’re interested, submit the form below, return it to us, and mark your calendar for MACC 2021 Architecture Conference on November 4, 2021. Watch for more details on how you can attend this virtual conference and registration information.

Twitter @midwestacc | email:  | (612) 791-5544

Just released: The Midwest Architecture Community (MACC) Board has extended the speaker application deadline to August 15

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