The only thing that limits us at Cargill is our imagination

A blog on the keynote by Cargill CTO, Keith Narr at the MACC Conference 2018 by E.G.Nadhan, Chief Technology Strategist (Central), Red Hat, @nadhanEG   So said Keith Narr, CTO of Cargill in his keynote at the Midwest Architecture Collaboration Conference in Minneapolis in Nov 2018.  And why not? Narr walked us through scenarios where digital technologies are making a difference in seemingly mundane scenarios.  Think you have heard it all about facial recognition? Think again! How about applying facial recognition to cows? How about using microphones under water that can monitor the noise made by shrimps while the eat to optimize what they are fed. Cargill’s mission is “To nourish the world in a safe sustainable, responsible way”. And that is easier said than done when the number of…
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Return on Innovation – a new definition for ROI

A perspective on the panel session held at MACC 2018 from E.G.Nadhan, Chief Technology Strategist (Central), Red Hat, @nadhanEG   I was all excited to attend the panel hosted at the end of the MACC conference hosted by Richard Walker, CEO of York Solutions. Even more so when I heard Walker pose the first question to the panel -- How do you define Innovation?” You see, the panel was right after my own speaking session at the conference which was on “Accelerating collaboration to architect continuous innovation”. It mattered to me how Innovation landed up being defined by the panelists. The responses prompted my own question to the panel about how they defined ROI -- Return On Innovation. Thanks to the excellent moderation by Walker, experience based insights from the panelists and…
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