MACC 2020 Keynoter

Midwest Architecture Community Collaboration is proud to announce our keynote for this year’s conference, a virtual conference convening November 5th.

George S. Paras, Managing Director of EAdirections and Editor-in-Chief of Architecture & Governance magazine will keynote the conference. Mr. Paras is a widely recognized mentor/coach, speaker, and thought leader specializing in Enterprise Architecture, Strategy, Business Architecture, Transformations, Portfolio Management, Organization, and Governance.  Through his company, EAdirections, he has guided hundreds of organizations, offering practical advice on introducing, refining, and sustaining these core disciplines.  Clients appreciate his unique mix of experience, thoughtfulness, insights, passion, and pragmatism. Dedicated to the advancement of the EA discipline, he served as Chairman of the Enterprise Architectures Conferences (EAC).

Mr. Paras led EA research and provided guidance to IT leaders in his position as Director of Enterprise Planning and Architecture Strategies at META Group. He also served as Vice President of Strategy at Troux Technologies, as the Senior Enterprise Architect at United Airlines, and held multiple leadership roles at several IT vendors. He also served as Chairman of the Enterprise Architectures Conferences (EAC) for 12 years and has co-authored sections of two EA compilations, the “SIM Guide to Enterprise Architecture” and “Coherency Management.”

Mr. Paras will speak on a very timely subject: “Applying Lessons Learned from the Pandemic.”

The fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic has spawned short-term change drivers for almost every company. Yet, for the foreseeable future, the amount and types of change are unclear.  It is not enough to just fix identified problems.  In the face of the unknown, leaders and their strategic thinkers should bias their thinking to maximize corporate agility and build capabilities to adapt to a rapidly changing world.  They should use this opportunity to remove inhibitors to change and replace them with enablers. Enterprise Architecture and portfolio thinking guide the way.

Session Presentation

Applying Lessons Learned from the Pandemic