MACC 2017 – Event Info

Thursday, Nov 9 MACC Main Event

Following an impressively successful turn out and events in 2014 and 2015 and a workshop in 2016, we are excited to bring you our third annual Midwest Architecture Community Collaboration (MACC-17) Event! Together we represent many established professional architecture communities in the upper Midwest. We believe that we will all benefit if we create opportunities for us to collaborate together! We’re proving that the sum of our parts is much greater than the whole!

In 2017, MACC will consist of a one day workshop on November 8 and the full conference on November 9.

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MACC is designed to bring all of the domains of architecture and architects together to share information and techniques of interest to all of us; we believe that we will vastly increase our relevance and significance to business success by learning about each other and working together.

Wednesday, Nov 8: Full Day Hands-on Workshop: Visit its page

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