MACC 2018: Scaling Disruptive Technologies – Moving from Innovation to Enterprise Transformation

MACC Announces 2018 Keynote Speakers

For the fifth consecutive year, MACC will present a two-day architecture conference. The 2018 conference theme is Scaling Disruptive Technologies – Moving from Innovation to Enterprise Transformation.

People, process and technology will drive the effort to transform an organization from its current state to one that is flexible, agile and efficient.

In support of the conference focus, MACC is pleased to announce this year’s keynote speakers.

Dr. Tariq Samad, University of Minnesota Professor and Program Director of Graduate Studies in Management of Technology – Innovation cannot be neatly captured in a simple methodology or framework. Yet, innovation isn’t a random walk either. How can we effectively manage innovation in real world environments?

Keith Narr, CTO Cargill – Driving Innovation and Agile transformation to support next generation data and analytics.

Richard Walker, CEO York Solutions – Panel Discussion Leader – How innovation and disruptive technology are used to transform the enterprise.

Please come and join us for two days of concentrated learning and networking as the premiere architecture conference in the Midwest.

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