MACC 2021 Presentations

Missed the conference? Want to dive into the presentations you missed? Collected here are all the presentations for all the tracks.



MACC 2021 Keynote 1 – Prime Business Transformation Powered by Technology

Jim Graham


MACC 2021 Keynote 2 – Disruption and Hyperautomation – Driving Business and Digital Transformation

Dan Morris


Track 1 Session 1

The Leadership Skills That Make a Difference

Brad Koehn


Track 1 Session 2

Keep Your Business & Life Running Smoothly in an Emergency

Mary Beth Simon


Track 1 Session 3

A Coach and a Referee Take You Out to the Game of Enterprise Architecture

Grant Ecker & E.G. Nadhan

wrong presentation! Mike Callahan


Track 1 Session 4

Integrating & Exploiting Design Thinking, Agile and Business Architecture Disciplines

Michael Callahan


Track 2 Session 1

Why do most Machine Learning projects never make it to production?

Cameron Vetter


Track 2 Session 2

Graph Systems Thinking

Dan McCreary


Track 2 Session 3

How to Build the Data Literate Organization

David Marco


Track 2 Session 4

Aligning Business & Data Strategies

Ross McNeely


Track 3 Session 1

Tech trends shaping industries and transforming the IT architect’s role

Marjorie Freeman & E.G. Nadhan


Track 3 Session 2

Decision Making in Technology Management—Applying Concepts from Systems Thinking and Control Systems

Tariq Samad


Track 3 Session 3

Joiners – Managing Employee Onboarding in COVID/WFH

PJ Johnson


Track 3 Session 4

UCaaS Privacy & Security – Webex, Teams, Zoom

Sorell Slaymaker


Track 4 Session 1

Industry Open-Source Initiatives: When standards (by themselves) aren’t enough

Jim Hietala


Track 4 Session 2

How to be a Chameleon: The Key to Enterprise Project Success

Joseph Perzel


Track 4 Session 3

Architect, what value do you bring? Time for a brain-transplant?

Morten Stender


Track 4 Session 4

Creating an Agile Approach to Enterprise Architecture to empower Digital Transformation

Nicklas Malik


Networking Session