MACC 2017 – Tracks

Currently, our tracks include:

Digital Business Strategies

Change is sweeping the business landscape at such a furious pace that yesterday’s ways of thinking are not finding much relevance today. We’ve seen how each and every industry is being disrupted by new entrants or incumbents doing things differently. AirBnB is disrupting the Hotel industry. Uber is disrupting the transportation space. Amazon has already made a lot of companies obsolete. The Digital tsunami is leaving no industry untouched. As an architect, where do you stand with respect to Digital transformation? What are the challenges and opportunities to the innovations that deliver better customer experiences and business value?

Security, Privacy and Social Impacts

Cyber Security became essential when the number of Internet users started increasing around the world. Identity theft is a threat to any Web or social media user because of the very ease of access that makes the Web so powerful. Cybercrime, hacking, fake news, malware and other threats, as demonstrated by recent political, business and personal violations have shown; threaten the value and even viability of the Web as an open platform. Failure to recognize and conquer these risks can have an impact through brand erosion or attack campaigns against the enterprise’s core value and its bottom line. How does Architecture address these issues?

Applications, Analytics, the Cloud and DevOps

Trends such as Agile, Cloud Computing and DevOps are helping companies become more lean, flexible and responsive to market conditions. However, concerns about security, loss of quality and governance persist. What are the best practices for how companies are leveraging new tools and technologies to speed adoption and ease these concerns? How does Architecture fit into the Agile development process?

 Tools, Technologies and Trends

If Architecture is to create readiness for future organizational success, the Architect needs to be on top of what is new in the market. What is exciting and new on the technology horizon? What is the role of architecture in helping organizations discover and adapt with and to disruptive technologies?