Conference Agenda

2020 Conference Agenda at a Glance: November 5 , 2020


1. Architecture Leadership
Grant Ecker After the first 90 days: Joining, refreshing or resetting an Enterprise Architecture program
Margie Skiljan Archenomics:  See the change you want to be in your enterprise
Ravi Mupkala In a rapidly changing world, what’s here to stay?
Judith Pennington Digital Transformation – and the COVID Disruption
2. Innovative Technology
Dave Ward Practical Guide to Microservices, DevOps, and their use in the real world
E.G.Nadhan Combating the virus of disruption with Collaboration and Innovation
Sorell Slaymaker Going Passwordless
Michael Casey Activating the Elastic Enterprise with Software-Defined Architecture.
3. Data & Analytics
Bob Grogan Modeling the Real World with Accuracy and Precision
Dan McCreary How Machine Learning and Graph Embeddings Will Transform Enterprise Analytics
Erik Erickson Integrated data, graphs, and local government: Early Lessons
Joe Roushar Augmenting Analytics with Causal Reasoning AI
4. Architecture Practice
Ming-Hong Liu Data Contextualization for Better Business Outcome
Tom Nedwek What Successful Agile Architects Do
Michael Levine People Over Process: Leadership for Agility
Dave Ching Agile Architecture
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