Conference Agenda

2020 Conference Agenda at a Glance: November 4 , 2020

  • Business Leadership, Architecture and Innovation
    • Leading Innovation and Architecture
    • Future-Proofing Your Business
    • Techniques for Building and Sustaining a Culture of Innovation and Change
    • The Workplace of the Future
    • Cultivating the Next Generation of Talent
  • Data Strategies
    • Leveraging Data and Analytics
    • Data Strategies: The New Business Models
    • Data Science:
    • Data Science: What it is and How It Works in the Real World (New business behavior)
  • Exploiting Disruptive Technologies
    • Revolution in Business Process Automation
    • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
    • Turning Your Company into a Technology Company
  • Security, Vulnerably, Risk and Ethics
    • Trust and Security in 2020
    • The Ethics of New Technologies